See how your travel agency is doing from anywhere in the world. Look at how your current projects are being handled, and exactly what your employees are doing. Through our extremely secure system, you can get a complete picture of your finances through access levels you get to control- so your employees can only get to see what you want them to see. Manage your bookings, transportation, itineraries, and every other aspect of a travel related business through an easy to use program that lets you control everything for your clients with just a few clicks. You can also make changes to any of your plans in real time- and your guides and agents can see these changes immediately. Not just managing travel plans, you can also use Travolution to create informative financial reports - through automated system that will create provisional Journal Entries from reservation entry forms.

HR Solutions

You can use Travolution to create individual payroll systems for any of your employees very easily which will make your payroll system automatic if you want.You can also monitor employee activities at any time, and check their log times. You can instruct them to perform specific activities through the in-built messaging software and always know what is happening in your organization from anywhere at any time.

Audit Trail

Easily track all your business activities with our powerful search engine. Sort through Ledgers, transactions with Affiliates, Sales, Packages, Users, and more, in a convenient way- by sortable systems which allow you to look at your activities by date, ledger type or balance, group name, etc.

Client Database

Your Client list and their details are automatically saved to assist you for marketing purposes. You can export your client database sorted by name, age, passport number, etc or use ‘Mass Mailer’ by KlientScape to easily send mass customizable e-mails.


Travolution is built with the utmost care to give you a secure platform to work on. We understand the value of your business' content and we have accordingly created a powerful and extremely secure software. We use the world's best server in terms of SSD security to host your data, which you can choose to use, or go with your own server.

Multiple Users

If you have multiple companies- a trekking company, a tour and ticketing company, and an adventure sport company, for example, registered separately, Travolution allows you to manage all of your companies on one platform, while keeping the content of each company completely segregated, or allow you to view combined reports of all these companies together.

Unlimited Currencies

Travolution allows you to use different currencies within the same transaction. You can easily set up the exchange rates yourself at any time. You can use this feature while working with different companies in different places that require you to pay in specific currencies.

Manage Bookings / Reservations

Create complete itineraries- from hotel room plans to lunch and dinner venues for any tour, trek, or package. Make hotel and restaurant reservation entries, along with transportation provider info to create corresponding journal entries and updated ledgers automatically. Make real time changes to any of your plans so your employees and guides can immediately see them.

Access Levels

Travolution's levels of access allow you to control what your employees see. You can choose to let your accountants only see the accounting content of your business, while you may want your guides to see their own itineraries only. You will have access to all levels of the software and can make changes to what your employees get to see or change any time you want.


Travolution comes equipped with powerful reporting tools, such as Cash Flow Statements, Statement of Comprehensive Income and Financial Position, Trial Balances etc in a beautifully laid out design.

Notifications and Messaging

Travolution allows you and the managers you choose to detect mistakes and even fraudulent activities through its notification feature that will show up automatically on your dashboard. It also allows you to send and receive messages to and from any of your employees, making communication within your organization faster.


Create multiple budgets and budgeting systems for different projects - like specific business projects, holiday budgets, etc. You can also create budgets based on timeframes- weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. The software will create automatic reports and also variance from your budgets any time you want.

Unlimited Bank and Cash Registers

Create Multiple registers for Cash (Petty Cash, Counter Cash, USD Cash etc.) and Bank Accounts for different currencies. You can also create custom ledgers to monitor Profit & Loss in Exchange Rates.

Complete Accounting Solutions

With Travolution, you can say goodbye to the old accounting practices. Designed and thought out by leading Accountants, Travolution gives the perfect solution to all accounting matters. Our integrated accounting assistant is built in a manner to boost productivity while producing accurate reports.

The software will automatically create provisional Journal Entries based on entries from reservation. The provisional ledgers can quickly be edited before approval, to save time and effort.

From automated VAT reports to producing Audit Reports, Travolution does it all.

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Comparison Table

Comparison table of 3 different packages of Travolution.

  Standard Advanced Premium
Client Database
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Audit Trail
Accounting Solutions
Offline Server Support
Unlimited Registers
Online Server Support 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Online Support Free - 3 Months Free - 6 Months Free - 12 Months
Currencies Upto 3 Upto 6 Unlimited
Companies 1 3 Unlimited
Users 8 15 Unlimited

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